Instrutora Abelha

Melissa Chong


Born and raised on the island Oahu and growing up with local cultural traditions, I would've never thought I would be doing this particular martial art called capoeira because it came from a different culture and country. I've never seen or heard of it until I watched the movie Only The Strong. Watching that movie in the late 80's has been an inspiration not only because of all those neat and flashy moves, but simply because in the ending scene there was a WOMAN doing all those neat and flashy moves. I said to myself, "if she can do those moves I can do it also". So, I give thanks to that WOMAN who has sparked my interest in the art of capoeira.

I started capoeira in 2001 at the Capoeira Hawaii Academy as a student of Mestre Kinha when he first came to Hawaii from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil and has been training ever since under his direction. In 2004, a few others and I followed Mestre Kinha and helped him to start his own school, Capoeira Besouro Hawaii. Following the opening of his school a few months after, I got married and in 2005 started a family. I received my yellow/blue (instructor) cord in 2006 along with two other female capoeirista sisters.

Although Hawaii has it's own history,culture and people, it's also a diverse melting pot. For me, the Brazilian martial art called capoeira is not all about the martial aspect, it's the art of the cultural background, the history that follows and the family you make of it. It's been an adventure, but I look forward in years to come for a long journey that awaits to see where this path will lead.

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