Professora Globeleza

Carmen Linhares


My passion for dance and movement led me to capoeira. I have studied dance since age 7, including ballet, jazz, and ethnic dance- African, Afro – Diaspora and Brazilian dance.

While attending midwifery school at Columbia University in New York City in the 90’s, I began to study and perform Brazilian dance. Brazilian dance ultimately led me to capoeira. Our dance group routinely performed with capoeiristas. The first time that I was invited to a batizado in New York City and saw capoeira and heard the music, I immediately fell in love with it, and knew that somehow, somewhere capoeira would come into my life. Little did I know that someday I would be “married” to it!

Years later, upon returning to Hawaii, I began performing Brazilian dance locally. A co- dancer friend encouraged me to come and try a capoeira class. Around the same time, I went and experienced Carnaval in Brazil (in 2001) for the first time, and saw capoeira played in the streets of Salvador, Bahia. I knew then the time had come for me to commit to make capoeira a part of my life.

Upon my return from Brazil, in March of 2001, I began training with Mestre Kinha at Capoeira Hawaii Academy. Mestre Kinha and I then founded the Association of Capoeira Besouro, Hawaii in 2004. In December 2014, my capoeira sister Gata, and brother Risadinha and I went to Rio de Janeiro, Brasil for our Formatura to receive our Professor Cordeis (Belts).

I teach INTRO to Capoeira, co- teach kids' classes, and offer Brazilian dance classes, as well as choreograph and instruct the students to perform dance pieces that are used in Capoeira Besouro performances. I also enjoy teaching capoeira classes whenever Mestre Kinha is away to attend a Batizado.

Current Clases

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