Instrutora India

Jamie Nakama


My love for dance, movement, and freedom of expression has driven me to explore every dance form imaginable including, jazz, tap, modern, contact-improvisation, West African, butoh, aerial dance, Tahitian, and hula. It was my training with an afro-Caribbean dance troupe in 2002 at the Capoeira Hawai`i studio that led me to my first capoeira class with Mestre Kinha. I instantly fell in love with the Brazilian art form and canít imagine my life without it today

.I received my Instructora cordel (Instructor belt) in 2007 and have since taught capoeira classes at the Kailua Movement Studio, Hawai`i Tokai International College, Boca Hawai`i, Kapi`olani Community College, and Yoga Hawai`i. It is an honor to share the art of capoeira with others; not only does it hold a rich history embedded with many lessons for humanity, through the physical training one also gains self-awareness, self-confidence, discipline, and strength (physical, mental and emotional strength). I take great pride in passing on Mestre Kinhaís teaching philosophy in which capoeira is used as a medium to teach important life values such as releasing the ego, respect for oneself and others, patience, cooperation, and ohana (family).

All in all, I am dedicated to being a positive mentor for our youth, and strive to help build strong, healthy communities, through every avenue possible. I work full-time as the Education Program Manager at the Hawai`i Nature Center (non-profit environmental education org) and also teach anthropology at Kapi`olani Community College. In my spare time, besides capoeira, I also dance hula, practice yoga, and perform with various local contemporary dance companies. And oh yes, I travel as much as possible! I am very blessed to be living all of my passions.


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