Mestre Kinha, born as Paulo Linhares da Silva in 1969, began training with Mestre Beicola at the age of 7 in Quitungo, Rio de Janeiro Brazil. Mestre Kinha continued to study and eventually began teaching capoeira when he received his "professor" belt in 1990. In 1991, Mestre Kinha was the capoeira state champion in Rio de Janeiro. The following year, he was one of the top ten capoeira finalists for a national competition for the entire country of Brazil. Kinha received is "cordel de Mestre" from Mestre Beicola in 1994.

Mestre Kinha has led capoeira schools in Rio de Janeiro since 1990. The schools are now under the direction of five of Mestre Kinha's students, Contra-Mestre Naja, Professores Neneco, Tininho, Instructores Cobrinha and Abobrao. Mestre Kinha has also taught in Itabuna, Bahia, Brazil.
Mestre Kinha first visited the USA in 1999 to teach several workshops with Mestre Beicola at Beicola's academy in Palo Alto. Mestre Kinha then returned to the USA in 2001 to assist another capoeira school in Hawaii known as Capoeira Hawaii. Mestre Kinha led classes at Capoeira Hawaii until 2004. Mestre Kinha opened his own school (Capoeira Besouro) in Hawaii in 2004.

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